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Message ID: 225     Entry time: Thu Jul 15 19:23:51 2010
Author: Frank 
Type: Notes 
Category: PEM 
Subject: temp sensor calibration using PT1000 

platinum temp sensor (PT1000) used for calibration of AD590 on PSL table:

Callendar-Van Dusen Equation:
RT = R0(1+AT+BT2-100CT3+CT4)
RT = Resistance at temperature T (°C)
R0 = Resistance at 0°C
T = Temperature in °C


Alpha, a (°C-1) .003750 ± .00003 .003850 ± .0001
Delta, d (°C) 1.605 ± 0.009 1.4999 ± 0.007
Beta, b* (°C) 0.16 0.10863
A (°C-1) 3.81*10e-3 3.908*10e-3
B (°C-2) -6.02 *10e-7 -5.775*10e-7
C (°C-4)* -6.0*10e-12 -4.183*10e-12

*Both b =0 and C=0 for T>0°C

source:  http://content.honeywell.com/sensing/prodinfo/temperature/technical/c15_136.pdf
online calculator: http://www.isotech.co.uk/prtcalc-web.html


measured resistance: 1083.9Ohm = 21.55C

calibration offsets for chamber sensors:
S1: +0.75K
S2: 0
S3: -0.11
S4: +0.88

room temp sensors:

ACAV_AMB1 : +0.2
ACAV_AMB2:  -0.3

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