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Message ID: 2249     Entry time: Fri Oct 12 14:41:17 2018
Author: awade 
Type: Summary 
Category: Environment 
Subject: Temperature logging PSL lab (Sep-Oct 2018) 

Temperature data in the ATF (QIL) lab has been collected for a month now.  Data is sampled at 0.1 s intervals and saved on WS2. I'm not attaching the full data here (its about 4 Gb/month in csv format) but the minute trend is included along side the plots below.

Plotted below is the hour trend from September 11th up until October 13th 2018* (UTC).  

The Thermostate trace shows temperature as measured at the AC control sensor.  EnvMon is the themerature at the center of the table (sensor is mounted to table directly). 


*Note that these sensors were never calibrated for their absolute offset (but they should be pretty close).  Drift of the transducer box is unknown.  It uses a LT1128 op amp to convert AD590 sense current into voltage.  This is not the right choices.  Also the resistors are the lower grade radial type thick film, which is also not the best choice for immunity to circuit induced drift.

Attachment 1: 20181011_PSLLabTemp_Sep9toOct11_AbsUncal_HourTrend.pdf  31 kB  Uploaded Fri Oct 12 15:42:50 2018  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: MinuteTrend_Sep_PSLLabTempData.tar.gz  837 kB  Uploaded Fri Oct 12 15:48:14 2018
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