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Entry  Mon Nov 30 15:01:40 2009, Frank, Electronics, VCO, VCO tuning 
    Reply  Sun Dec 6 13:20:52 2009, Frank, Electronics, VCO, VCO tuning vco-tuning.jpgvco-tuning.ps
Message ID: 22     Entry time: Sun Dec 6 13:20:52 2009     In reply to: 21
Author: Frank 
Type: Electronics 
Category: VCO 
Subject: VCO tuning 

measured frequency tuning vs wideband input of VCO for calibration of measured spectra. graph coming soon...

Rana: measured spectra? Has there actually been a beat frequency measured after all these years???

 no, i mean i re-measured the slope of the frequency modulation input of the VCO with a lot more points. The  coefficient (MHz/V) changes a lot over the input range from -5V to 5V (internal gain of 2). We need this to calibrate the spectrum of the feedback-signal (into the VCO) for the 2nd cavity.


Attachment 2: vco-tuning.ps  28 kB  Uploaded Sun Dec 6 14:49:43 2009  | Hide | Hide all
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