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Entry  Thu Jul 15 10:38:03 2010, Megan, Notes, VCO, LM 336 Noise LM336Noise.PNG
    Reply  Thu Jul 15 13:47:04 2010, Frank, Notes, VCO, LM 336 Noise 
Message ID: 218     Entry time: Thu Jul 15 13:47:04 2010     In reply to: 215
Author: Frank 
Type: Notes 
Category: VCO 
Subject: LM 336 Noise 

you can model voltage references like this:

use an ideal opamp and add the parameters for the voltage noise manually: un=flat noise level, uc=1/f corner frequency

op LM336 op0 nii no no un=205e-9 uc=80   # simulate noise of LM336-5 reference

can you post the whole vco model plz. I would like to check the whole model. you might use the wrong opamps as your schematic is not the one for the vco you are debugging...


I had forgotten to include the noise of the LM336 in the noise model because it cannot be easily modeled by LISO. So I thought I would look up its noise to see if I could make an approximation just to see if it will affect the noise levels coming from the model. I found this on a data sheet and will try to find a way to include it in the model.


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