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Message ID: 2144     Entry time: Sun Mar 18 10:17:16 2018
Author: Shu Fay 
Type: Summary 
Subject: Plotting program quickplot.py 

quickplot.py makes quick plots of data from desired channels. See: https://github.com/shufay/LIGO-plots.

On ws1 cd to ~/Git/LIGO-plots. In Ipython:  %run quickplot.py <channel 1> <channel 2> ... <(optional) gpsLength> < (optional) gpsStop>

To see usage: %run quickplot.py usage


<channel 1> <channel 2> ... Channels that you want to make plots of

<gpsLength> Length of time to fetch data. Default is 3600s.

<gpsStop> GPS time to fetch data until. Default is now. So the default parameters would fetch data from (now-3600, now).

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