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Message ID: 2134     Entry time: Wed Mar 14 15:19:52 2018
Author: Craig 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: Added four new ADC channels to vader ( 

Last night I soldered together four BNCs and attached them to one of the acromags with some free channels.  Turns out this acromag is named vader (, and was being used for temperature sensors.
I just added all four channels into /home/controls/modbus/db/LaserSlowControlsAndMonitors.db , and named the first two additions C3:PSL-SCAV_REFL_DC and C3:PSL-NCAV_REFL_DC

All of this was done so I could tell if the "breathing" we see in the TRANS_DC is really representative of power in the cavities or just some crap happening on our tiny ISS board in transmission.  Seems like it's real power in the cavity, but we'll see after like an hour.
If so, we need to control the temperature of our EAOMs.  Thermal hats, peltiers, I don't care, needs to happen ASAP.

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