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Entry  Mon Mar 5 22:17:45 2018, Craig, DailyProgress, Computers, cymac3 ADC is spiky cymac3BeatnoteDataSpikes.png
    Reply  Tue Mar 6 08:04:11 2018, Gabriele, DailyProgress, Computers, cymac3 ADC is spiky data.png
       Reply  Wed Mar 7 02:58:13 2018, rana, DailyProgress, Computers, cymac3 ADC is spiky 
Message ID: 2117     Entry time: Mon Mar 5 22:17:45 2018     Reply to this: 2119
Author: Craig 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Computers 
Subject: cymac3 ADC is spiky 

I've been working on our new ws1 all day today, trying to get it back to where ws3 was.  I got git working, recreated our python virtual environment, and got apache2 going again.  However, the last step is actually getting beatnote data off cymac3 and plotting it.  Unfortunately, I'm getting gigantic spikes from the cymac3 and I'm not sure why.

I opened a fresh ipython session and ran the following:
from gwpy.time import tconvert
import nds2
from pylab import *
c2 = nds2.connection('cymac3.ligo.caltech.edu', 8088)
backTime = 300 # 5 mins of time
chanName = 'X3:TST-BEAT_OUT_DQ'
data = c2.fetch(tconvert('now').gpsSeconds - 60 - backTime, tconvert('now').gpsSeconds - backTime, [chanName]) # read data from 5 minutes ago.

If I do this, I get the plot posted below.
I did a test for our three other channels for the accelerometers, and they all exhibit similar spikiness.
(chanNames = ['X3:TST-ACC_X_OUT_DQ', 'X3:TST-ACC_Y_OUT_DQ', 'X3:TST-ACC_Z_OUT_DQ'])

Unclear what's wrong with cymac3.  I'm worried this is happening for all its channels, but I'm not sure and don't want to mess with another lab's ADC.

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