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Entry  Sat Mar 3 23:25:37 2018, awade, DailyProgress, Computers, WS3 Down 
    Reply  Sun Mar 4 17:33:01 2018, awade, DailyProgress, Computers, WS1 Up 
Message ID: 2116     Entry time: Sun Mar 4 17:33:01 2018     In reply to: 2114
Author: awade 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Computers 
Subject: WS1 Up 

Workstation is back.  I was able to fully restore medm screens, scripts and noisebudget from Git on WS1.  Good version control is the way to go it seems.

Can't say the same for Criag's Apache noise budget stuff.  I found a SATA to USB converter and am able to mount the WS3 HD directly onto WS1.  The original HD  is intact so all the original stuff is accessible.  We just need to move it into place on the new computer.  I've left the WS3 machine HD plugged in and it is mounted in /media/controls/. 


I just tried to ssh into ws3 only to find it unresponsive.  I was going to check the router but then found that the computer seemed to be off.

On closer inspection the computer seems to have some kind of power issue.  At the moment all I am seeing is a blinking amber power light on the box. One LED indicator is on on the motherboard, otherwise there are no fans or HD spinning. 

I have sequentially pulled the DVD drive, HD and RAM.  Fans won't spin up.  Various forums suggest that its either a motherboard issue or a power supply issue.  Given that we are seeing the basic amber flashing LED on the front panel I would hazard a guess that its not the power supply.

WS3 is a computer that Larry Wallace gave me that had been retired from desktop use.  Don't think this is worth days of diagnosis and, more importantly, days of down time to fix it.  I had made a clone of the computer, but that isn't much use if we need to recover to a completely different computer. For now I am going to pull ws2 from the QIL lab and attempt to get it going as the interface computer in the PSL lab.  All the important medm screens and python scripts were committed to Gitlab so we should be good. WS2 was running an old CentOS (Redhat) operation system, no out of service period.  I will switch out its HD for a fresh 250 Gb and do a fresh install of debian as a start.

Edit Sun Mar 4 00:13:37 2018: Scratch using WS2 as a stop gap machine, it won't boot from USB and the CDROM drive is busted.  We're going to have to use WS1 for now, it already has Debian installed and LIGO tools (I think).

Edit Sun Mar 4 12:48:39 2018: Last night I ended up just moving WS1 into the PSL lab.  I had previously installed Debian and all the LIGO tools (see ATF:2181) which is now come in handy.  I've changed the machine's IP to and we can now SSH remotly using the ussual gateway address and port 22. We may want to reporpose the 'gateway' box as it is not currently in use as a ssh landing point.


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