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Entry  Thu Feb 22 15:15:20 2018, awade, Craig, Misc, Safety, Water leak in the lab 
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Message ID: 2103     Entry time: Fri Feb 23 13:15:22 2018     In reply to: 2100     Reply to this: 2106
Author: awade 
Type: Misc 
Category: Safety 
Subject: Water leak in the lab 

Checked the piping again this morning.  The water is just a slow drip now. The facilities people put duct tape around the pipe crack and isolated the source of water on the floor above.  Don't think its safe yet to turn the rack back on, given the proximity of the water and the quality of the patch job. 

I called facilities to find out what the status of the job was and the timelines for fixing.  They didn't have the poly pipe in stock and have reordered. The earliest they can get to starting on the job will be Monday.  The guy responsible is away today.  We should call ext 4969 (Caltech plumbing shop) early on Monday to get an update on expected completion time of the job. Until then we should redirect effort into SURF search, noise budgeting, scatter modeling, PID modeling, FSS sub-noise budget etc.



We have a steady drip of water coming down from the recently updated pipes.  Apparently the pipe is cracked all the way up to the ceiling.

We've shut down the UPS and all the circuits around that corner of the lab.  Facilities people are here looking into the issue. 

There was quite a lot of water pooled around the west side of the optical table. Craig has mopped this up, although it did get under the table legs and under the tiles.  All the electrical stuff under the table was on racks off the ground. Dripping is coming from pipes directly above the rack but it appears that none of it has made it into the rack itself.  We are removing all the very valuable electronics (e.g. marconi and oscilloscopes) and none appear to have water on or around them.

Lasers are shut down.



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