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Message ID: 2042     Entry time: Thu Jan 11 13:31:36 2018
Author: awade 
Type: Misc 
Category: Lab Infrastructure 
Subject: Ants nesting in PSL lab 

There are a large number of ants making a trail from the ATF lab to the PSL lab.  They seem to be heading into a hole next to the lab door.  I just saw a queen ant poke its head out of the hole.  

Ants in the ATF lab are taking their ussual route along the AC conduit.  There are Terro baits laid ever 3-4 meters and they have almost emptied every one. The trails continue to the mechanical plant room accross the hall (room 259ME)

Laying down Terro ant poison now. Will buy more.

Thu Jan 11 13:33:04 2018

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