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Message ID: 2014     Entry time: Mon Dec 18 13:42:21 2017
Author: awade 
Type: HowTo 
Category: Computers 
Subject: How to: update and restart the fb4 framebuilder 

fb4 is now logging channels in the c3 (PSL) lab.  To update channels you need to:

  1. ssh into with username controls (ssh -Y controls@;
  2. cd to dir /opt/rtcds/caltech/c4/chans/daq/ and edit entries in C3CTN.ini, the setout and units are obvious from the file;
  3. find the daqd process with "$ps -e | grep daqd" and then kill it with "$kill -9 <PID from previous command>";
  4. Check with dataviewer, this can be launched by setting environment variable with "$LIGONDSIP=localhost" and then running "$dataviewer" on the fb4 machine.  You will need to have window forwarding on.

I have updated the environment temperature sensors and they should be logging properly now.  Unfortunately some channel name changes meant they were not logged over the weekend.

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