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Message ID: 199     Entry time: Wed Jul 7 15:15:59 2010
Author: Megan 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: VCO 
Subject: Phase Noise Measurements 

I'm currently working on measuring the phase noise of the Marconis at 80 MHz - I will be moving on to 160 MHz soon. I'm also working on learning how to make the computer do what I want it to, but I should be done with the measurements and post graphs later today. Then depending how long the measurements take today, I'll start measuring our Marconi and then move on to the VCO tomorrow and should be able to modify the VCO by Friday. One of the main things that's slowing me down is getting comfortable with processing the data on the computer.

Also, I've been having problems getting the Marconis to lock at any feedback gain below 2000. I've been using that to stay consistent and get a good lock between the two, because with lower gain there was always a sneaky little sine wave making it through the feedback loop and into the locked signal. I've accounted for this in the calibrations I've been making, with a UGF of around 1000 Hz.

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