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Message ID: 198     Entry time: Wed Jul 7 10:44:39 2010
Author: Megan 
Type: Summary 
Category: VCO 
Subject: VCO Output vs Input 

I redid one of the graphs for the output of the VCO vs the input voltage to make sure I didn't miscalculate. I got the same graph when accounting for the 19dBm attenuation at the output of the VCO. I also made a graph of the output RMS voltage ignoring the attenuation - the total output ranged from 13mV to 918mV, while the voltage added by taking the attenuation into account is 1.9929V.

I used the equation N dBm = 10*log(Vrms2/50/0.001) to solve for the voltage associated with 19 dBm.

Attachment 1: VCOOutputvsInput.png  13 kB  | Show | Show all
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