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Message ID: 1945     Entry time: Fri Oct 6 14:07:20 2017
Author: awade, Craig 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Lag in the PSL/ATF networks 

I've restarted the FSS autolockers with a larger search range; the vaccan is now set to 30 C so laser frequency will have changed.

I'm finding the PSL/ATF network is now very laggy. This is for accessing to/from the outside world and for accessing things like screen forwarding within the network.  There have been changes over the last month to some of the configuration, but nothing major.  Its a pain to access EPICS screens now from laptops and other front ends as the delay to forward screens is now seconds.  We need to do a little debugging to find out what the issue is.

EDIT Fri Oct 6 20:48:44 2017

It appears that the cause of the problem was a bad DHCP setting on the top level router.  It had been set to start issuing IP addresses at 2 or above. So the Linksys BEFSR41 router ( was dishing out IP addresses over the top of many of the other routers and devices with manuually set IP addresses in the range  After fixing this by setting the starting point as and above for DHCP, X11 forwarding sped up and intermitant dropping of EPICS channels seemed to stop.

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