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Entry  Sat Sep 30 17:05:10 2017, awade, Craig, Misc, Computers, Crontab job added to acromag1 to log system state 
    Reply  Sun Oct 1 15:59:57 2017, rana, Misc, Computers, BURT 
Message ID: 1938     Entry time: Sun Oct 1 15:59:57 2017     In reply to: 1936
Author: rana 
Type: Misc 
Category: Computers 
Subject: BURT 

This is very similar to the BURT and autoBURT system that we usually run with EPICS. It does hourly snapshots of all settings and restores them on boot up. You can also make safe snaps and there is a program 'burtgooey' which allows you to select which time to restore from for manual save/restore. Its been running at the 40 since 1998; seems reliable. Maybe Jon also has something like this running in TCS lab?


Craig has written a python script called channelDumper.py that trawls the modbus/db/ folder, parses the .db files to find all the EPICS channel names and writes them to

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