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Entry  Sat Sep 30 17:05:10 2017, awade, Craig, Misc, Computers, Crontab job added to acromag1 to log system state 
    Reply  Sun Oct 1 15:59:57 2017, rana, Misc, Computers, BURT 
Message ID: 1936     Entry time: Sat Sep 30 17:05:10 2017     Reply to this: 1938
Author: awade, Craig 
Type: Misc 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Crontab job added to acromag1 to log system state 

Craig has written a python script called channelDumper.py that trawls the modbus/db/ folder, parses the .db files to find all the EPICS channel names and writes them to disk. A complimentary function channelWriter.py grabs these system state files and reinstates channel values from previous channel dumps on demand. Both work great for recovering system states quickly when cycling modbusApp EPICS server when we are changing channels around.

I have now placed a hourly job in the crontab (command crontab -e) that dumps the state of all channels.  These are stored in /CTNWS/data/ directory on acromag1. This should help us track changes and recover quickly from system failures.


This is the job placed on the crontab task list:

* */1 * * * bash /home/controls/scripts/cronlauncher_channelDumper.sh


cronlauncher_channelDumper.sh is a bash wrapper script so that all the necessary environment variables (ussually in .bashrc) are avaliable to the task. All these scripts are in the CTN directory of the 40m SVN.

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