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Entry  Sat Sep 9 23:21:04 2017, awade, Notes, Vacuum, New shield installation planning 2017-09-09_22.15.05.jpg
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    Reply  Wed Sep 20 22:22:37 2017, awade, Notes, Vacuum, Preparing for shield bake 2017-09-20_20.51.34.jpg
Message ID: 1932     Entry time: Wed Sep 20 22:22:37 2017     In reply to: 1908
Author: awade 
Type: Notes 
Category: Vacuum 
Subject: Preparing for shield bake 

I pulled the ultrasonic cleaner out from under the bench. The reservoir and most of the gear is pretty dirty.  

I filled with water and ran it at 60 C for 30 min with just water which seems to have dislodge most of the stuff.  There was a slight burning smell initially, I think this was dust burning off: it seems to be working fine now, but I wouldn't leave it in the lab unattended.

The plan is to suspend parts in Pyrex beakers in a clean detergent solution. We have a box of the Branson EC, this is an alkaline low foaming detergent.  The bottle doesn't list pH. We don't want to mess up our shiny surfaces. I'm not sure how this will interact with the gold coated copper parts.  I'll do a little googling and test out some goal platted contacts used in connectors.  

I've also located the baking rig in the OMC lab.  I just need to wrap it with some heater wires, give it a clean inside and do a prebake.  raNa suggests in the hallway to not stink up the lab.


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