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Message ID: 1930     Entry time: Tue Sep 19 01:06:36 2017
Author: Craig 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Electronics Equipment 
Subject: Rack is Powered 

The rack has been powered.

I made, installed, and powered the +/- 24V and +/- 18V LIGO DC power rails today. 

The 24 V rail is powered by the Kepco power supplies.  The australian scavenged some Sorensen power supplies for the 18 V rail.

Our Kepco power supplies are 1/4 rack single sided supplies. (Serial number: ATE-25-2M F54459 R21)  In picture two, you'll see that two of the power supplies are missing, 'cause I took 'em out because they weren't working. 

I took a quick look and found they aren't broken (one rattles when turned on -_-).  They just don't have the 50 pin jumper program card in the back (pictures 4, 5, 6).  I looked very extensively in our downstairs labs but was unable to find anything like this.  I also checked the Kepco website for what this connector is called, they called it a PCA 25-1 but apparently this isn't the real name of the connector according to google.  If anyone knows the name of this connector we can buy two and have two additional good variable power supplies, or just buy some from Kepco themselves.

The next step is to create good LIGO DC connectors for our FSS panels.  Then we can turn on the lasers, power the PDs, connect the FSS boxes, and lock again.

K and K assembled the temperature sensor box.  We want to put this on the rack ASAP, which means they'll have to make 4 long two pin LEMO connectors.  The vac can heater is in a rack panel already, all we have to do is attach it.  Soon (tomorrow?) we will be able to close the loop on vac can temperature stabilization.

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RackIsAlive.pdf RackIsAlive.pdf RackIsAlive.pdf RackIsAlive.pdf RackIsAlive.pdf RackIsAlive.pdf
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