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Entry  Wed Jun 30 11:34:37 2010, Frank, HowTo, PMC, PMC fixed 
    Reply  Wed Jun 30 12:31:22 2010, tarac, HowTo, PMC, PMC fixed 
       Reply  Wed Jun 30 12:39:17 2010, Frank, HowTo, PMC, PMC fixed 
Message ID: 192     Entry time: Wed Jun 30 12:39:17 2010     In reply to: 191
Author: Frank 
Type: HowTo 
Category: PMC 
Subject: PMC fixed 



the reason why you had this flickering problem was that you had too much power on the RFPD in reflection of the PMC. You already saturated it.
I also reduced the RF power as the error signals were not signals anymore, just spikes.

my new settings are:

RF power : 3.0
Phase : 2.5
PMC Gain: 14dB

reduced laser power to 40mW. Transmitted power is 32mW .You have to exchange the output coupler mirror in front of the RFPD in order to increase the power. I think 32mW is enough, it's something like 13mW per cavity.



 Ok, I'll find another output coupler mirror and replace the current one, and make sure that it will not saturate the RFPD.

 the saturating power seems to be much to low. it saturates at .5V DC, usually you can have something like 2V or so. So we should propably fix the PD even if it is working with lower power levels.

For now it's much more important to connect all the signals to the DAQ and lock the refcav. You still have to make a lot of cables, like the ones going to the laser (fast & slow), RFPD DC, PMC and refcav transmitted light, refcav RFPD DC etc.

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