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Entry  Thu Sep 7 18:21:56 2017, awade, Craig, DailyProgress, Computers, Acromag2 down 2017-09-07_17.22.30.jpg2017-09-07_17.19.41.jpg2017-09-07_17.19.19.jpg
    Reply  Thu Sep 7 21:47:39 2017, awade, DailyProgress, Computers, New computer rebuild ws3 up 
       Reply  Mon Sep 11 21:02:46 2017, awade, DailyProgress, Computers, ws3: fixing ligo cds tools and moving IP address 
Message ID: 1901     Entry time: Thu Sep 7 21:47:39 2017     In reply to: 1900     Reply to this: 1911
Author: awade 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Computers 
Subject: New computer rebuild ws3 up 

The workstation computer, formally known as acromag2 now has a new 250 GB western digital hard drive.  The old Seagate one died.

I rebuilt the workstation (previously acromag2) from scratch on a fresh debian install. As everything of value was checked out from either a git or SVN repository, it made more sense to go with a clean install. It also saves the effort of learning how to recover from wherever we were backing up to. Also, Jamie's debian install package works good, makes getting all the tools much easier.

The new workstation is called ws3 (i.e. workstation three) and is located at in line with the general organization of the lab network.  All the password and login are the same, apart from the IP address, and you can access it through the same externally available port as before.

I added my git.ligo key to the keychain, which went smother this time: doing it with Gnome GUI open rather than ssh was much less painfully. The ctn_labdata, and CTN_noisebudget are cloned into the home directory of controls.  It would be nice to move the scripts, modbus and medm configurations from svn40m to git, but the partial checkouts still seem to be a pain in git. We will need to either maintain separate repos for each of these tasks or keep using SVN for now.  Lumping them all into the one folder isn't an option as they need to go into some expected path for anything to work.

I also added some aliases to ~/.bash_aliases file for easy launching. 

sitemap and StripTool launch, that is all we need for now on a front end machine.

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