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Entry  Wed Jun 30 11:34:37 2010, Frank, HowTo, PMC, PMC fixed 
    Reply  Wed Jun 30 12:31:22 2010, tarac, HowTo, PMC, PMC fixed 
       Reply  Wed Jun 30 12:39:17 2010, Frank, HowTo, PMC, PMC fixed 
Message ID: 190     Entry time: Wed Jun 30 11:34:37 2010     Reply to this: 191
Author: Frank 
Type: HowTo 
Category: PMC 
Subject: PMC fixed 

the reason why you had this flickering problem was that you had too much power on the RFPD in reflection of the PMC. You already saturated it.
I also reduced the RF power as the error signals were not signals anymore, just spikes.

my new settings are:

RF power : 3.0
Phase : 2.5
PMC Gain: 14dB

reduced laser power to 40mW. Transmitted power is 32mW .You have to exchange the output coupler mirror in front of the RFPD in order to increase the power. I think 32mW is enough, it's something like 13mW per cavity.



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