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Entry  Thu Sep 7 12:34:54 2017, awade, DailyProgress, Schedule, Task list Sep 7 2017 
    Reply  Mon Sep 11 12:30:19 2017, awade, DailyProgress, Schedule, Task list Sep 11 2017 
Message ID: 1899     Entry time: Thu Sep 7 12:34:54 2017     Reply to this: 1909
Author: awade 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Schedule 
Subject: Task list Sep 7 2017 

Maybe we can make this a thing.  Focused goals on a 1-3 daily basis. The most important thing that they are modular and achievable.

When tasks are done, edit this post and place a tick mark () at the end of the line.  Also, feel free to add tasks and edit if you think they are wrong or unachievable in a 1-3 day time frame. Use the timestamp button to mark when changes are made.


  • ✓ Finish mounting and wiring the heater in 1U box and make a measurement of the heater driver noise
  • ✓ Talk to Koji about ordering 24 V connectors (as we are low), if you know exactly what you want make awade order TODAY
  • Calibrate epics channels to output Celsius (back of the envelope is good enough), set up new channels and a PID script job in the lab (awade or Craig can show you how)
  • Work out how to tune PID 
  • Front panel design



  • liso FSS models and plots, post to elog
  • open up field box and check components against schematics, work out what has been modified. 
  • plug probe in and trouble shoot stages of circuit



  • figure out a clip for the 100PT (100Ω platinum) sensors to shields also BUY TODAY thermal epoxy for gluing to shield
  • also test soldering methods for kapton heaters, see if flux improves contact, if not examine chemical roughing techniques
  • make checklist of items to collect/buy and things to clean/bake for cavity shield switch
  • review window shields sent to Eddie 6 months ago, get these ordered pronto



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