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Message ID: 1808     Entry time: Tue Jan 10 16:40:28 2017
Author: yinzi 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: TempCtrl 
Subject: beginning integration on temperature control 

We did some more hardware integration for the temperature control loop yesterday. We first added a new input channel and a new output channel in the “IOCTEST_BIO_generic.db” file to correspond with one temperature measurement and one control output. We hooked up the driver circuit and confirmed that we could control the output signal from the computer GUI. We also hooked up the RTD sensor and corresponding measurement circuit and confirmed that we could get measurements that made sense. Pictures of the hardware are shown below:

Driver circuit board:

Sensor and measurement circuit:


I then made a couple of software updates to accommodate temperature control:

1. I edited the following GUI to have to appropriate indicators and controls. I left out the control channels that do not have corresponding hardware channels yet to avoid possible confusion. All (? at least most) of the soft channels are mapped.


2. I made a copy of the “IOCTEST_BIO_generic.db” file, “IOCTEST_BIO_generic_20170109_edit.db” and added in all of the soft channels. I also renamed the hardware output channel to follow a more specific naming convention (HEATERN, and later HEATERS and HEATERV (if that’s okay), as opposed to just HEATER1, 2, 3). Once the channels are more finalized, they’ll be put into a separate post for reference.

I also routed the inputs and outputs of the driver circuit to the connectors on the front. A separate post will be made with the pin assignments for reference.


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