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Entry  Tue Dec 20 20:16:39 2016, awade, DailyProgress, Computers, Updated acromag card configuration: problems acromag.tar.bz2
    Reply  Thu Dec 22 19:38:18 2016, awade, DailyProgress, Computers, fb2 now accessing EPICS channels again. 
Message ID: 1796     Entry time: Tue Dec 20 20:16:39 2016     Reply to this: 1797
Author: awade 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Updated acromag card configuration: problems 

Having added two new acromag cards I updated the database file for channel mappings for modbus and then also added lines to the acromag.cmd boot script activated by the startAcromag command. These two updated files are attached for reference.

Channels seem to work ok when called from caput and caget command line tools on computer acromag1 but fail on computer fb2. The sitemap memd screens also do not load values when started on fb2.  

This is a problem: none of these tools (StripTool, sitemap, memd etc) are installed on acromag1 (it was only intended to be a dedicated server for modbusapp I'm guessing).

I have been loading all the GUI tools by ssh forwarding from fb2 to other computers.  Bit hard to diagnose what the problem is here.

On a side note: fb2 is running Gnome 2.16.0 which is circa Feb 2007.  Update tools no longer talking nicely to their server and sudo apt-get is dead, this makes updating different things difficult.

Whatever is wrong with fb2 it might require some retro-hacking or maybe its something simple with network configuration.

Also, the binary I/O ports of the two XT1541 ports have now been powered from a 5V plug pack supply and a 820 kΩ 820 Ω resistor is put across each (to ground)

to bring the voltage to an appropriate level trigger the comparators in the TTFSS monitor box.  

All that is left to do to get the entire FSS box front panel controls online is to wire them up to the subD-25 connectors and plug them in: obviously once the channel issues on fb2 are resolved.

RXA: removed ascii files and replaced them with a tarball. Don't attach database or code files without zipping them first; they fill up the elog pages.

Attachment 1: acromag.tar.bz2  3 kB  Uploaded Sat Jul 29 13:33:23 2017
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