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Message ID: 1795     Entry time: Tue Dec 20 14:30:36 2016
Author: awade 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Changes to PSL network and addition of two more acromag cards 

The PSL lab was sitting on a IP sub net of 10.0.0.xxx (separate from the ATF lab's 10.0.1.xxx).  

With the configuration of the subnet masks on the ATF network, this meant that traffic was contained within the

PSL network even though the two were in fact linked up.

Searching back through ATF and PSL elog its not apparent what the logic behind this designation was.

I have shifted IP addresses of the the PSL lab switches, computers and acromag cards to 10.0.1.xxx addresses so that computers can access the internet and also (eventually) frame builder.

All of the relevant addresses were free so the only real change is that the modbus database needs to be updated.  

To create some order I have updated the ATF network WIKIPAGE with list of all devices' IP address, MAC addresses and locations. 

The diagram linked there also needs updating.

Two additional acromag cards were also configured for the network a XT-1541 at and a XT-1221 at

This was done using Aidan's standard instructions (ATFWiki Acromag instructions) The channels for both the ADC and DAC were manually calibrated against a standard voltage reference.  These will be used to interface with the FSS control boxes.

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