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Message ID: 1771     Entry time: Fri Nov 18 22:34:57 2016
Author: awade 
Type: Notes 
Category: NoiseBudget 
Subject: Location of up to date AlGaAs spacer/coating noise budget 

Evan showed Johannes and me the location of most up to date noise budget for AlGaAs mirror coatings and a few salient features.  There are some issues with running the iPython notebook on both our systems (linux and mac) where the loops around cell 9 and onwards crawl to almost a stop.  It runs fine on Evan's computer, so there is something not right about the way either of us have setup Python.

Location on 40m SVN: https://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:30889/svn/trunk/docs/algaas_ctn/

Details on using the 40mSVN are here: https://wiki-40m.ligo.caltech.edu/How_To/Use_the_SVN_archive

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