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Entry  Thu Nov 3 21:11:15 2016, yinzi, awade, DailyProgress, Other, Mixed updates RCAV_thermalPID.py
    Reply  Fri Nov 4 13:13:30 2016, awade, DailyProgress, Other, Mixed updates 
       Reply  Fri Nov 4 23:16:54 2016, awade, DailyProgress, Other, Mixed updates ACavPIDConfig.iniPIDLocker.pyRCavPIDConfig.ini
Message ID: 1757     Entry time: Fri Nov 4 13:13:30 2016     In reply to: 1754     Reply to this: 1758
Author: awade 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Other 
Subject: Mixed updates 

I have committed your script to the 40m SVN directory so we can do proper version tracking over time. 

Python scripts associated with the CTN noise experiment in the PSL lab are now located at /trunk/CTNLab/current/computing/scripts/

To update or checkout stuff from the SVN follow instructions here: https://wiki-40m.ligo.caltech.edu/How_To/Use_the_SVN_archive



Andrew and I did some stuff in the lab today:

-Taped up the cavity and added some insulation.

-Got the Python version of the PID script running on the acromag computer (including installing the prerequisite libraries epics and cdsutils). The script is attached.

-There were some bursts of noise in the error signal that was messing with the PID loop. Andrew fixed this by increasing the "fast gain" knob on the control box.

-Tuned the PID gains to get the desired response. The gains ended up being Kp = 0, Ki = 0.0021, and Kd = .0014. It seemed like the Kd was acting like how you would expect Kp to, which didn't really make sense to me, but we got a pretty good response from these gains.


Edit: Reattaching script, there was a change in it made on the acromag computer that wasn't reflected in the version I uploaded earlier.


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