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Message ID: 1743     Entry time: Tue Oct 11 18:07:59 2016
Author: awade 
Type: Summary 
Category: Drawings 
Subject: PSL Lab layout 

PDF and omnigraffle file of the PSL lab layout, as of Aug-Oct 2016.

I made this but can't remember posting. Now attached below.

I have updated the graphic outside the lab. This can also be used when the SOP is next updated.

Attachment 1: PSLLabLayout_Aug2016v3.pdf  37 kB  Uploaded Tue Aug 1 11:09:10 2017  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: PSLLabLayout_Aug2016v3.graffle  4 kB  Uploaded Tue Aug 1 11:09:10 2017
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