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Entry  Thu Sep 29 19:41:47 2016, awade, Misc, Safety, Laser containment curtain 100_0218.JPG
    Reply  Wed Oct 5 19:47:38 2016, awade, Misc, Safety, Laser containment curtain 2016-10-05_19.41.26.jpg2016-10-05_19.42.14.jpg
Message ID: 1738     Entry time: Wed Oct 5 19:47:38 2016     In reply to: 1729
Author: awade 
Type: Misc 
Category: Safety 
Subject: Laser containment curtain 

Laser safety curtain has now been installed.





I have asked Nichole Washington to book a maintenance job to have the laser curtain installed in the PSL lab.  I unpacked the items from delivery tube and they are consistent with the packing list.  All the necessary parts are in the entrance area of the lab.  


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