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Message ID: 1735     Entry time: Tue Oct 4 20:39:00 2016
Author: awade 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: FSS 
Subject: Resurrecting the auto locker scripts also AC blasting into clean tent 

Its frustrating having to relock the refcavs manually all the time despite having computers and this being two thousand and sixteen. I've found Evan/tara's old autolocker scripts and am modifying to get these working with the new channel namings. I don't really know python but I didn't really know perl the week before last.  

Hopefully this will be unnecessary with proper thermal controls.  However, for now I'm finding that some days the frequency wonder of the cavities is quite large.  I think this is happening as the air conditioning is stabilizing after lots of open time of the door. Looking above the clean tent it appears that some Aluminum foil that was installed to deflect AC vent is now torn. A large amount of air from one of the labs three vents is now being sucked directly into the hepa filter unit.  Temperature inside the tent is therefore fluctuating with the AC output. We probably need to build something more permanent around this vent.

Also, I've written bash script (attached) that ramps over a channel and grabs the resulting output of channels.  Right now this is all just sitting on acromag1 without backups to anywhere.  If there is an SVN somewhere it might be good to resurrect that too.

Attachment 1: ParamSweeper.sh  1 kB  | Hide | Hide all

#Author: Andrew Wade
#Date: 04 Oct 2016
#Last modified: 04 Oct 2016
# Put the slow out channel and monitor channels in below, to add more channels simply add more monitor channel variables and caget commands

#First define some variables
ScanChannel="C3:PSL-ACAV_FSS_SLOWOUT" # Name the channel to be scanned over
... 35 more lines ...
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