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Message ID: 1725     Entry time: Tue Sep 27 18:32:13 2016
Author: awade 
Type: Misc 
Category: Environment 
Subject: Lab cleaning: testing different swiffer pads 

I wasn't sure if wet or dry swifter pads would pick up more debris from the ground so I got sample packs of both. The dry ones seem to do ok and don't leave a surfactant residue or scent which can be overpowering after a few layers on the lab floor.

I ran the dry cloth type over the PSL lab and then the wet. This isn't really a good controlled experiment but you can see there wasn't so much left over for the wet (pad with green strip) to pick up. This would indicate that the dry pad got most of the dust.


Dry polyester swiffer cloth left, wet sweeper pad right. First pass with dry pad followed by wet pad.

The dry pads are made of felted polyester which quickly generates a electrostatic charge that draws in dust. With a simple test after rubbing over the floor, it seems statically attract and hold an optics cleaning tissue with reasonable strength.  The only issue is that it does have some small fibers, I'm not sure if any of these would escape, they seem reasonably contained within the pad.

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