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Message ID: 1717     Entry time: Wed Sep 7 11:20:47 2016
Author: awade 
Type: Summary 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: Some reconfiguring of Acromag crate 

Post summarizing some changes and current configuration of the acromag crate.

Some useful previous posts:

I've made a few modifications to the Acromag crate.  There are three cards a XT1221-000 (8 differential inputs) a XT1541-000 (8 DC outputs + 4 digital I/Os) and a  966EN-4006 (Six Channel RTD/resistance).  Up to this time we have been adding channels one by one as we need them. I wanted a few more slow monitor channels so I just went ahead and connected all the rest of the remaining analog input and output channels to finish the job.  I also replaced some of the shorter cabling for the BNC front panel connectors with longer cables so there is a bit more slack inside the crate for these wires.

In time it might be good to put a few LEDs in the front pannels from the binary outputs of the XT1541 card so that we can get a visual blink indicator that some of the perl scripts are running. Alternatively, we can go back to interfacing these with the TTFSS boards as was done in PSL:1573.

A DIN rail mountable power supply (PS5R-SC24) was also fitted inside the rack to replace the variable voltage lab power supply.  This had been a temporary setup. This new power supply provides up to 30 W at 24 V from 110 V AC. The AC in line is strain relieved with a cable tie put through a hole I popped in the side of the crate.


Some rearranging of channels:

Previously the PZT/FFS fast controls monitors for the north and south path were inputted through the acromag channels 4 and 5. This was because at the time we only had short BNC cable connector feed throughs.  The order of channels now corresponds the the front panel labeling. The mapping of inputs/outputs+Resistive RTD unit is as follows. The present database file is attached below for reference.

Mapping of Acromag card registers to channels
Acromag card Reference register (address) EPICS Modbus Raw counts channel EPICS-modbus calibrated channel Description/end use of channel
    Hard channel in database (the one that speaks to acromag) Soft channel calibrated to physical units (user friendly channel)  
XT1541-000 (IP=10.0.41) 40002 (0001) C3:ACROMAG_OUTPUT0 C3:PSL-ACAV_FSS_SLOWOUT Output to the slow temperature control of the south cavity laser
  40003 (0002) C3:ACROMAG_OUTPUT1 C3:PSL-RCAV_FSS_SLOWOUT Output to the slow temperature control of the south cavity laser
  40004 (0003) Physically connected by unassigned - Unused
  40005 (0004) Physically connected by unassigned - Unused
  40006 (0005) Unassigned and not connected -  
  40007 (0006) Unassigned and not connected -  
  40008 (0007) Unassigned and not connected -  
  40009 (0008) Unassigned and not connected -  
  10001 (0000) Unassigned and not connected - Unused
  10002 (0001) Unassigned and not connected - Unused
  10003 (0003) Unassigned and not connected - Unused
  10004 (0004) Unassigned and not connected - Unused



30001 (0000) C3:ACROMAG_INPUT0 C3:PSL-ACAV_TRANS_ISS_DC South ref cavity transmitted DC signal
  30002 (0001) C3:ACROMAG_INPUT1 C3:PSL-RCAV_TRANS_ISS_DC North ref cavity transmitted DC signal
  30003 (0002) C3:ACROMAG_INPUT2 C3:PSL-TRANS_RF_DC DC signal component of the beat not
  30004 (0003) C3:ACROMAG_INPUT3 C3:PSL-ACAV_FSS_FASTMON Fast monitor output of the south FSS controls (proportional to PZT signal)
  30005 (0004) C3:ACROMAG_INPUT4 C3:PSL-RCAV_FSS_FASTMON Fast monitor output of the north FSS controls (proportional to PZT signal)
  30006 (0005) C3:ACROMAG_INPUT5 C3:PSL-IN-06 General use
  30007 (0006) C3:ACROMAG_INPUT6 C3:PSL-IN-07 General use
  30008 (0007) C3:ACROMAG_INPUT7 C3:PSL-IN-08 General use



30012 (0011)  C3:ACROMAG_TEMP0 (not connected) (resistance calibrated register) C3:ACROMAG_TEMP0  
  30013 (0012) Unassigned and unconnected -  
  30014 (0013) Unassigned and unconnected -  
  30015 (0014) Unassigned and unconnected -  
  30016 (0015) C3:ACROMAG_TEMP4 C3:PSL-VacCanTemp 100 ohm RTD (alpha=), sensor taped directly to the tank for general monitoring.


Attachment 1: IOCTEST_BIO_generic.dB.txt  9 kB  Uploaded Fri Sep 30 11:59:56 2016  | Hide | Hide all
# Database file for PSL lab implemeation of modbus from AcroMag cards
# Last updated: 2016 Sep 02
# By: Andrew Wade

# This file is the master database for the AcroMag cards.  Analog input channels
# are listed first followed by output channels and then temperature/resistance
# channels from the 966EN card. Those channels without a speific use are given
# generic names accociated with the front pannel. 
# Changes since last:
# - More BNC were added to the front pannel and so there was a need to add more
... 346 more lines ...
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