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Message ID: 1699     Entry time: Thu Aug 4 13:46:08 2016
Author: awade 
Type: Notes 
Category: TempCtrl 
Subject: Checked pins on D9 temp control feedthrough 

The original feed-through pin connections into the refcav tank can be found in PSL_Lab/1111.  I checked the resistance across various pins to confirm if the south cavity was really shorted and if the thermistors (I presume that are thermistors) are accessible and working.

Resistance measured across pines (as of Thu Aug 4 13:40:13 2016) are as follows:

1-6: heater on cavity (south): 85.6 Ohm

3-7: Temp sensor on cavity (south) 19 MOhm

4-8: heater on cavity (north) 156.8 Ohm

5-9: Temp sensor on cavity (north) 19 MOhm

It appears that the south cavity does have heating actuation (this resistance value also matches up with the PSL_Lab/1111 post).  Perhaps the short people are talking about is intermittent.  Or maybe nobody actually knows what is going on here. The above is what I measured.

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