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Message ID: 168     Entry time: Wed Jun 16 19:43:00 2010
Author: tarac 
Type: Laser 
Category: PMC 
Subject: PMC and EOM alignment  

We try optimizing the PMC transmission in P wave. The maximum we can get for now is ~82%.

The 21.5 EOM is prealigned. We will do fine adjustment again when insulating cables are made.

EOM alignment means to align the polarization of the beam to match the applied electric field in the EOM. This will minimize the amplitude modulating effect.

There are 3 degrees of freedom, 2 for EOM positions, another one is the polarization of the beam.

The 35.5 EOM is also pre aligned, the signal is very small, probably because of its broadband type. I use 4395A spectrum analyzer to see the peak at 35.5 MHz, but it's really hard to tell if I minimize it or not.

I see the thermal effect on EOM crystal clearly when I adjust the EOM. After I minimize the Amplitude Modulation (AM) and left the EOM for awhile, the misalignment gradually increase.

Frank suggests that the calibration of the error signal should be done, so that we can approximate how well the temperature must be controlled to reach our noise budget. I'll think about that measurement.

As I finished my elog, the peak at 35.5 just went up. Case in point.

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