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Message ID: 1670     Entry time: Thu Jul 14 20:57:07 2016
Author: Antonio 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: optic 
Subject: South path construction progress 

Following ID 1649 we start the implementation of the South cavity path.
Some optics has been placed along the path.

A quick beam profile measurement and the implementation of the BB EOM
is the next step.

Things done:

  • Optics as shown in the setup have been placed;
  • References of the beam along the path have been aligned  (Those should be kept in place)


  • The FI is mounted on a base which brings it NOT at 3" height; Two steering mirrors have been used to overcome this issue;
  • There is a second beam coming from the FI; I did not have a chance to play with it, but Andrew did and the origin of that is not totally understood;


Attachment 1: North_South_layout_progress_dist_final_copy.pdf  83 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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