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Entry  Wed Jun 29 15:20:40 2016, Antonio, Notes, BEAT, Plan decided on June 28th 2016 timeline.pdf
    Reply  Thu Jun 30 01:02:08 2016, rana, Notes, Electronics Equipment, New mod freq 
Message ID: 1655     Entry time: Thu Jun 30 01:02:08 2016     In reply to: 1653
Author: rana 
Type: Notes 
Category: Electronics Equipment 
Subject: New mod freq 

We ought to rethink the modulation frequencies for the reference cavities so that we can order oscillators and tune the RFPDs. We need for someone to do the HOM resonance analysis that Zach did for his cantilever cavities and then post the results and suggested frequencies here. Then we can order the crystals from Wenzel.

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