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Message ID: 1640     Entry time: Tue Jun 14 16:13:21 2016
Author: awade 
Type: Notes 
Category: Environment 
Subject: Lab tidying and cleanness 

Tidying and ordering the PSL lab to bring about some greater order. 

While taking down some AC cables from the wall a large amount of flaky white particles were being released. I thought it was paint off the walls or maybe settled dust but it turned out to be an aged logistics barcode label (pictured). I've put it outside the door but we need to make a concerted effort to purge these from the lab along with the rest if the low grade paper products like corrugated cardboard boxs (also pictured).  

For now maybe don't open the tent while it settles and maybe we can track down something like a swifter mop to bring down the particle count in the lab. We also need to acquire a fresh sticky mat for the flow cabinet end of the lab and maybe an extra mat near the pull out draws to capture the foot traffic on the other side of the table for the next month or so.  






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