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Message ID: 163     Entry time: Tue Jun 15 13:36:18 2010
Author: tarac 
Type: Electronics 
Subject: debugging PMC servo 

From the bode plot, something is not quite right. I'll debug the PMC servo. My plan is

1) Measure the TF from FP1 test to FP4 (output mon), change gain setting and see if the TF change as expected.

 *note the real TF is 20log (Vpzt/ Vin) but Vpzt ~ 50 Vmon.  Vmon is connected to Vpzt with divider circuit. To get the real TF, 20log(Vpzt/Vin), the magnitude from out TF between FP1 and out mon will be added by 20log50 = 34 dB.

2) Compare it with the calculated TF from PMC schematic 

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