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Entry  Tue Nov 10 09:29:10 2015, Antonio, DailyProgress, BEAT, PLL and EAOM noise generated 
    Reply  Tue Nov 10 12:00:59 2015, Antonio, DailyProgress, BEAT, PLL and EAOM noise generated 
Message ID: 1606     Entry time: Tue Nov 10 09:29:10 2015     Reply to this: 1607
Author: Antonio 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: BEAT 
Subject: PLL and EAOM noise generated 

The intensity noise that I have noticed after the EAOM installation disappeard with the use of a PBS before it.

Has to be mentioned that the light coming from the EAOM becomes eliptical with following power ratios at the PBS after theEAOM:

Pinc = 1.59mW (p-polarized);

Ptrans = 1.30mW (p);

Prefl = 0.25mW (s);


We were steering the beam transmitted from the cavities with use of lenses. I have realigned (not easy thing with such space constrains).

Intensity noise is way better, although the overall noise did not improved as the intensity noise is not the limiting noise. I think we need to suppress

more free-running noise. Actually I will go back to our FSS servo because I think we need different performances (not for now).


I have accidentally misaligned the north cavity, better not to say how :-);

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