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Message ID: 1576     Entry time: Tue Aug 25 19:12:36 2015
Author: Antonio, Eric 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Computers 
Subject: GPIB installed 

Today Eric provided his Python scripts (and installed them) needed to connect the SR785 and the AG4395A devices with our lab computer through the GPIB interface. With these scripts we are able to download measurement data that we take by using the two above mentioned devices, plot them and set the measurement settings directly from the computer. Mainly we need to use two of them, i.e. with following commands:

1. AGmeasure: AGmeasure --getdata -i

2. SRmeasure: SRmeasure --getdata -i

These scripts can run from any folders on the computer. These and some other features will be explained in the TCN wiki page, which I am going to write soon.

We now need to make the lab computer accessible from other computers. The SSH protocol is iinstalled, but the modem need to be configured. Less attaractive but a possible option is to have a svn folder on the lab machine.


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