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Message ID: 1551     Entry time: Sat Jun 20 22:59:58 2015     In reply to: 1534
Author: Evan 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: optic 
Subject: South Faraday isolator path reworked 

I reworked the beginning of the south optical path so that there are two steering mirrors before the beam goes into the FI.

Recall that previously we had no steering mirrors before the FI. Then in December, I just moved the FI sightly downstream, so that there was one mirror before the FI.

Today I added two steering mirrors  (Y1-1025-45P) in such a way that the total path length should be more or less unchanged. The first lens after the laser is now placed after the first steering mirror. (I tried to place it so that it has the same displacement from the laser head as it did previously.) The FI is placed after the second steering mirror, and it is immediately followed by a HWP.

Ideally we would maybe put down another HWP before the FI, since the steering mirrors are only HR for p-pol, and the beam on the first two steering mirrors is some combination of s-pol and p-pol (since we use a HWP + the FI to control the power after the FI).

After steering through the FI, the beam looks pretty round on the IR card. I don't see any spray or stray beams.

I tuned the pre-FI HWP so that there is now 20.4 mW transmitted through the FI. The power transmitted through the 21.6 MHz EOM (which is after the third steering mirror) is 19.6 mW. I also don't see any spray on transmission.

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