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Entry  Wed Apr 1 17:33:08 2015, Aidan, DailyProgress, PMC, Laser out of alignment to PMC 
    Reply  Sat Apr 4 18:15:39 2015, rana, DailyProgress, PMC, Beware the Bow-Tie 
Message ID: 1543     Entry time: Wed Apr 1 17:33:08 2015     Reply to this: 1544
Author: Aidan 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: PMC 
Subject: Laser out of alignment to PMC 

I've been trying to lock the laser to the PMC since we adjusted the Faraday. It's basically badly out of alignment now. I can only see very higher order modes flash when I scan the cavity.

The problem, currently, is that the Faraday is too high and we don't have enough mirrors to control the beam going through it. I'm going to install a second mirror in a bow-tie configuration tomorrow and realign the beam through the Faraday, 21.5MHz EOM and, hopefully, the PMC.

I also spent a lot of today tracing out the control loop for the laser slow control. Once I have all the control loops understood, I'm going to draw a diagram for the Wiki.

P.S. Found out that the PSL PMC Servo board is D980352. I've updated the Electronics page on the Wiki to indicate this...

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