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Entry  Wed Sep 3 12:02:19 2014, Tara, Evan, DailyProgress, BEAT, Beat found 
    Reply  Wed Sep 3 16:34:37 2014, Tara, Evan, DailyProgress, BEAT, Beat, mode-matching noiseBudget.pdf
Message ID: 1499     Entry time: Wed Sep 3 12:02:19 2014     Reply to this: 1500
Author: Tara, Evan 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: BEAT 
Subject: Beat found 

Tara added some more juice to the north cavity heater last night. Now we can lock both cavities to TEM00 and get a beat within the bandwidth of the 1811.

  • North laser slow: 5.020 V
  • South laser slow: 0.722 V
  • Beat frequency: 49.3 MHz
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