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Message ID: 1450     Entry time: Tue Jul 15 23:40:16 2014     In reply to: 1448
Author: tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: PMC 
Subject: PMC heater 

How hot do you need to heat it? if the thermal expansion of aluminum/steel is much higher than that of fused silica, then just heating the end cap might be a better idea. Thermal conductivity is also better.



I took some hard yellow foam, made it into a U-shape, and wrapped it with a combination of aluminum and duct tape.

This insulation fits snugly over the PMC and its copper shield. In retrospect, the foam is probably a little too thick. I had to temporarily move the beam dump at the input of the Faraday isolator.

Putting 20 V across the 105 Ω heater produces a change of 5 V on the PMC PZT (when locked). So we need better insulation or more heating.

The CTE of fused quartz is something like 0.5×10−6 K−1, and the CTE of steel is more like 15×10−6 K−1. So I suspect there's not much point in heating the glass spacer if I'm going to leave the steel end cap open to air.

A possible solution is to put a heater on the end cap, but I worry that the differential expansion of steel vs. glass will cause the end cap to pop off the spacer (it looks like it's only held on by epoxy).

A better solution is to improve the insulation on the back end of the PMC. I'll do that next.


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