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Message ID: 1427     Entry time: Mon Jun 9 20:42:21 2014
Author: Evan 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: fiber optic 
Subject: 60 m PM980-XP fiber 

I used the 633 nm fiber illuminator and the ThorLabs power meter (set to 633 nm) to test the 60 m polarization-maintaining fiber that we have.

Power right out of the illuminator was 1.25(2) mW, and the power out of the fiber was 0.45(1) mW. Since this fiber is only specked to work above 980 nm, I'm not sure how to interpret this number.

I'd like to compare to the 35 m PX980-XP fiber we have strung from CTN to Crackle.

I performed the same test with the 1060XP fiber (50 m, not polarization maintaining). I got 0.12(1) mW transmission.

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