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Entry  Fri Jan 24 21:13:13 2014, tara, DailyProgress, DAQ, mDV in ATF 
    Reply  Thu Apr 24 18:54:44 2014, tara, DailyProgress, DAQ, mDV in ATF 
Message ID: 1421     Entry time: Thu Apr 24 18:54:44 2014     In reply to: 1399
Author: tara 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: mDV in ATF 


I'm trying to record beat measurement for a few days. The data will be taken from ATF using mDV. There are a few issues about mDV right now, I'm looking into it and asking around.

There is a problem with gps.m that converts the string to gps second. It is used in get_data where we specify the start time. I tried enter the gps second manually but it returns an empty time struct, and the get_data cannot be used.

 A reminder entry: psl:978

Zach helped me re-setting up the channels for PSL lab.  The two channels are: 

  • channel (#29 on the panel): C2:ATF-PSL2_OUT_DAQ
  • channel (#30 on the panel): C2:ATF-PSL3_OUT_DAQ

The sampling rate is set to 10kHz (8192 Hz).  

 Anti-alias, provided by foton, cheby2, low pass at 4096 Hz, is induced in both channels.

calibration 2^15 count for 20 V -> 20V/ 2^15  = 6.1035e-4 V/count 

==Note about start configuring MDV==

Run this from the terminal on ws2:
 eval `/cvs/cds/caltech/apps/linux/ligotools/bin/use_ligotools`

 Then, start matlab  and run:
 run /cvs/cds/project/mDV/mdv_config

(there are some error messages about the paths that can't be added (matapps_SDE, matapps_path , frame cache, ligotools_matlab, home_pwd.) ,but they are irrelevant.  


Now gps and get_data commands are working. We checked with the test signal and see both time domain, and frequency domain. The anti-alias filter is working fine.  





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