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Entry  Mon Dec 16 15:14:43 2013, tara, Notes, Electronics Equipment, OLG of RCAV TTFSS openloopTF.pngopenloopTF.fig
    Reply  Tue Dec 17 21:11:21 2013, rana, Notes, Electronics Equipment, OLG of RCAV TTFSS 
Message ID: 1390     Entry time: Mon Dec 16 15:14:43 2013     Reply to this: 1391
Author: tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: Electronics Equipment 
Subject: OLG of RCAV TTFSS 

 open loop gain transfer function of RCAV is measured. 

 1) how to measure OLG TF

  • see, PSL:592 about how to measure the OLG from TTFSS.
  • current schematic [add fig]

2) setup

  • 1mW input to the cavity
  • gain common/fast = 730/950
  • Mod depth =
  • Boost off 
  • U3 -> 11.84 dB



The requirement assumes that the residual frequency noise is 5% or less in the total noise. The servo performance is definitely ok for 1.45 inch cavity.

Attachment 2: openloopTF.fig  45 kB  Uploaded Tue Dec 17 16:54:14 2013
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