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Message ID: 139     Entry time: Tue Jun 1 19:26:41 2010
Author: tarac 
Type: Laser 
Category: Laser 
Subject: A mirror gets into the insulation's border 

I'm aligning the AOM. The R=0.5m mirror's position crosses the insulation border by 1.5" (see attached picture.) The black line on the table shows the border of the insulator. The mirror is on a translational stage.

I'm thinking of 2 choices to solve this,

 1)using a mirror to turn the beam to the side of the table. The mirror will be placed after the AOM, around the edge the border.

2) using 2 mirrors (after the beam is split to RefCav and ACav's paths) to shift the beam path to the side of the table.

The first choice will be better, since I won't have to recalculate the mode matching, but there might be unexpected problems.

The VCO is working fine, I can see +/- 1st order beams coming out.

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