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Message ID: 1379     Entry time: Fri Nov 1 00:22:40 2013
Author: tara 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: optic 
Subject: more optimization 

I'm putting EOAM back on ACAV path. The setup is roughly optimized.

(14.75 MHz) EOM , EOAM, quarter waveplate and PBS in ACAV path are put back together. I used a half waveplate in front of the EOM to adjust the beam to S- polarization. Right now all the polarizations optimization (to all EOMs, both ACAV/RCAV path) are adjusted to S-polarization with respect to the table. We may have to fine tune it later to match the E field in the EOMs.  The EOAM setup is optimized. With +/-4 V, the output power can be adjusted to 1mW +/- 0.09 mW (+/- 9%). The performance is comparable to RCAV EOAM. (10%) . I have not add another half waveplate before the EOAM yet. We can add it back later if we need to adjust the input polariztion to the EOAM.

I checked scattered light in the area between PMC and ACAV.  There is a reflection from EOAM back to EOM, but I cannot really block it with an iris. It probably bounces of the case of the EOM or going back to the crystal. Anyway I'll block the beam around this path later.

I have not aligned the beam to the cavity yet, since the temperature was changing because I removed the insulation  caps to patch them with black out material.

 I put black out material (R @1064 ~0.4-0.6%)on the vac tank insulation caps to minimize any possible scattered light source inside the tank that might leak out.  It also keep the surface cleaner from all the foam dust.



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