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Entry  Sun May 30 22:49:28 2010, tarac, Laser, Laser, RefCav is locked Photo_36.jpg
    Reply  Tue Jun 1 07:39:47 2010, Frank, Laser, Laser, RefCav is locked 
Message ID: 137     Entry time: Tue Jun 1 07:39:47 2010     In reply to: 136
Author: Frank 
Type: Laser 
Category: Laser 
Subject: RefCav is locked 


I see TEM00 transmitted beam out of RefCav. I think I have to fine tune the FSS gain a bit more becasue the spot still oscillates a bit.

The left monitor shows the spot from  PMC. The right monitor shows the spot from RefCav. it looks distorted becasue of the filter.


The common gain is 16.1 dB

slow actuator is 9 V

Fast Gain 15dB

Optimization is yet to be done. There is still plenty of reflected power.



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